Junior Data Scientist (Full-time/Intern)
Job Duties
Assist in analyzing and processing large datasets using Python/SQL/C/Java.
The development and implementation of machine learning models
Insightful data visualizations and Interactive data engineering
Applying AI assistants to improve productivity
R&D in various fintech/AI/data science areas
Degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, or a related field
Proficiency in programming such as Python, R, SQL, C/Java or GAS
Experience in data engineering and data visualization
Knowledge of common machine learning algorithms and frameworks
Strong analytical and passion for knowledge discovery
Excellent verbal and written communication skills and social network operation
If you are interested in above position, please send your resume with details of qualification, experience, present and expected salaries and contact number to the avalok.com.hkhr@ , or contact us by whatsapp +8525813.6098